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Jeffrey L Hoffer, 805 Divorce and Family Law Attorney


Should I Go To Mediation?


In many cases, mediation is an excellent option provided that both you and your spouse are sane and rational people and you have a desire to make some tough choices to save yourselves a tremendous amount of money in the long run.

Mediation is a great option if there are complicated issues which you both are willing to resolve outside of Court.  If one of you wants to litigate, mediation is a waste of time.  If one of you feels that you will prevail in Court, then mediation is a waste of time.

Most mediators are excellent at facilitating a settlement.There is only one problem though, how do you know you are getting a good deal?  When you buy a new car, do you really know whether you are getting a good deal?   The dealership might make it look that way, but in reality, they are not making this deal with a smile on their faces if it is bad for them.

The mediator does not represent either of you.  He/She cannot advise you as to whether or not the deal is in your best interests.  Only your divorce attorney can do that.  Go to mediation, but always bring your attorney.

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