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Jeffrey L Hoffer, 805 Divorce and Family Law Attorney


Why My Paid Consultation is Better

Child Custody Victory

I felt defeated and that my back was against the wall, I didn't know where to turn. After loosing custody of my beautiful daughter, and getting downplayed in the court system, I new i needed someone to back me up! That's when I met Jeffrey. I got served with a restraining order with false claims and felt like I was sinking. Even with a couple days until my court hearing , Jeffrey took my case with no hesitations. Not only did he protect me from this restraining order, Jeffrey gave me the confidence I needed to pursue more custody of my daughter. Knowing that I was a great responsible dad, we went for it! Jeffrey and I have been in court 3 times together in the last 6 months and have won everytime. I now have 50/50 custody and I couldn't be happier! I deeply thank jeffrey for all he has done for my family, and highly recommend him to others. Thanks again Jeffrey!

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