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Jeffrey L Hoffer, 805 Divorce and Family Law Attorney


Maximizing Client Relations

There are many important things which I keep in place to ensure a good experience for you.

1. I have a cloud based case management program which my clients find to be very easy and user friendly. We are able to post documents on the cloud and securely communicate through this medium.  This extra layer of security ensures the vigilant maintenance of the attorney-client privilege.

2. I do not nickel and dime my clients.  I have met many clients dissatisfied with their prior attorneys due to billing which seems very unfair and "nit picky".  One example I saw was that the client was charged $75.00 for the attorney leaving him a voicemail message.  This was very disturbing to me.  As someone who has hired my own attorneys in the past, I have seen the client's perspective.

3. I offer flat fee billing options. Sometimes hourly billing makes little to no sense.  Charging an hourly rate arguably encourages inefficiency because the longer a task takes, the more expensive it is.  Furthermore, it discourages competence because those of us in practice for many years can probably accomplish a complex task in a shorter period of time than a newer attorney.   Flat fees also provide you, the client with certainty as to cost so you can plan your life.

4. My office is modest.  I work here.  I am not located in a Century City highrise which will charge you $30.00 to park.  I am located in a very nice suburban neighborhood.  Parking is free.  There are many places to shop and good restaurants within a mile or so.  My building is also easy accessible, even for the disabled.

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