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What Would You Like Your Child's Tombstone To Say?

A few days ago, I offered my two cents about the news story where the father of the bride asked her stepfather to help escort them down the aisle.  The point that many parents overlook is that looking out for your children's best interests means that you should treat the adults in their lives wit...

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Can My Estranged Spouse Kick Me Out of Our Home?

In an earlier blog post, I addressed the issue of whether or not you should move out of house voluntarily.  Here, the discussion is a bit different, hence the question:   Whether your spouse can have you removed from the house. Up until last year, in California it was much easier to obtain what ...

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Can McDonalds Actually Be Good For You?

Child custody disputes are almost always reduced to liars contests, which Courts hate deciphering.  The classic "he said, she said" is maddening to family law attorneys and judges because without witnesses or documentation, the court does not know who to believe almost always resulting in the pro...

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If Your Ex Owes Back Support, Read Here!

A parent's failure or refusal to pay court ordered support is considered to be so serious, that California law has designed a myriad of remedies and punishments available to ensure compliance with support orders.  A support order is considered to be a Judgment and can be collected on as if it wer...

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When Can the Court Impute Income? Read Here!

One of the fairly common problems in many cases where support is at issue is whether a party is earning to his or her capacity.  An example of this is where a person with multiple degrees and/or extensive work experience is either unemployed or underemployed. Example:  Wife owns a business durin...

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Do You Hate Paying Spousal Support? Read This!

Lets face it. If you have to pay spousal support, it really sucks.  I know that there are some positives like the tax savings, but in all fairness, you would much rather keep that money than pay it out. Either your estranged spouse refuses to work (sometimes on the advice of counsel) or under...

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Should I Move Out of My House?

You might have heard that you must stay in the house if at all possible during a divorce.  Some people have commented that if you move out, then you are essentially abandoning your family.  I disagree.  There are circumstances where it is perfectly appropriate to remain in the house, for exam...

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